Laneway Public Service Announcement


As you would be aware Sunset Events will be putting on the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival at the Esplanade Reserve and west end of Fremantle, on Sunday, 14 February 2016.

General festival information

Running times for the event will be 11.00am (with the first performance commencing at 11.30am) – 10.00pm when the last act will conclude.

System tests/sound checks for the event will be conducted on:

  • For a maximum of 4 hours on Saturday 13 February between the hours of 2.00pm – 6.00pm, and
  • For a maximum of 2 hours on Sunday, 14 February between 8.00am – 12.00pm.

Noise levels from the concert have been determined by the City of Fremantle in accordance with guidelines established by the City in consultation with the Department of Environmental Protection for events of this type.

We will adhere to all statutory requirements for sound, safety and security.

Noise management

Stage and speaker layouts are designed to obtain maximum screening from buildings and topography.

Noise levels during the event will be continuously monitored both inside and outside the venue.  Sounds systems will be adjusted wherever practicable to reduce noise emissions to residents.

Patrons & security

A dedicated security force will patrol the area outside the venue.  The surrounding area will be cleaned immediately after the event.

Road closures and traffic management

The following roads will be closed from 5.00pm on Saturday 13 February until 6.00am on Monday 15 February:

  • Marine Terrace (between Henry & Cliff Sts),
  • Mouat Street (between High St & Marine Tce), and
  • Croke Street (between Henry and Cliff Sts).

The City of Fremantle Number 2 car park will be closed from 6.00am on Thursday 11 February until 12.00pm Tuesday 16 February.

Complaints or enquiries

There will be a dedicated complaint line for residents, attended at all times on the days of the event.  The number is 6555 3051.

Any enquiries or concerns regarding the event prior to 14 February may be directed to Sunset Events on 9336 2837 or