Southbound Fun Things

Camping next to your cars isn’t the only change at Southbound 2015. We’ve got a shed-load more stuff with some newly created spaces for you to check out over the weekend in January!

Here’s a list of things you should be on the look out for:

Coconut Club

Is going MEGA. We’re decking it out with a surf life saving type tower for DJs to over look the sandy sandy dance floor, large video screen pabels, beach brollies and sunbeds. Need a summery drink? We’ve got this. The bar has been revamped taking inspiration from our favourite rum-swilling pirate of the Carribbean… The Captain Morgan’s Coconut Club Bar will serve their famous spiced rum and cola mixes as swell as a range of cocktails to ensure you’ll never want to leave. Get your pirate on this Southbound, we’ll bring the props, you bring your pirate.

Wine & Champagne Bar

If you’re in the mood for a little bit of sparkling, crisp Sauv Blanc or a full-bodied Shiraz, welcome to the new Wine & Champagne Bar at Southbound! A range of red, white and sparkling wines from the beautiful South West region will be on offer to please the most discerning of wine connoisseurs. Combine this with plenty o’ seating alfresco dining, table service and tasty cheeses provided by Margaret River Dairy Co and antispasto platters, who said festivals can’t be classy?

Food, food and more food

Food, glorious food. Think US street style Reubens, Cubanos and Mac n Cheese from Grilled To The Mac, traditional paella from the pan by Pai Tumaca, Brazillian, Indian, Japanese, Hare Krishna and pretty much any other cuisine you may want. We’ll have it. We’re taking festival grub to the next level and bringing in nearly every awesome food truck to Busselton for an international festival feast. Plus! We’re introducing our first pop-up restaurant – Clancy’s Fish Pub will be located at the main arena serving all the favourites including fried mice! If you’re a traditionalist, fret not. Burgers, chips, hot dogs and the like will still be available.

Oh and if you’re a Happy Camper, we’re coming to you. For the first time, a small selection of food and drink will be offer at the campgrounds for your convenience.

The food game is strong. Now the question is, how are we going to fit all this food in?

Market Stalls

We love local creative talent! Market stalls are stepping up with a range of creative folk that will everything Southbound represents. You’ll find headwear by Loo Taylor, vintage clothing from YEAH Vintage, silver jewellery by Lakota and so much more!

Discgo Phone Charging

Between taking photos, using the app, finding your friends who have gone for a wander, you’re going to need to juice your phone. The people at Discgo are bringing along portable mobile phone chargers. The best part is that you can actually take the charger with you so you can stay connected, watch your favourite acts and won’t be that friend who went for that wander…

Get Your Hair Did

Move over south westerly winds, Head Studio and Uncle Joes Barber Shop are heading to Southbound to help your locks out. Uncle Joes will be based in the main arena to help the fellas out with a coif (and quiff) and Head Studio they’ll be setting up a teepee in Basecamp with hair chalk, temporary sprays, hair tapestry, wraps, braiding and a good ol’ shampoo and blow dry. Ladies and gents are welcome!


Why the hell not? We’re making Sunday the day for you and your friends to get in your finest fancy dress get-up and swan around all day. This is pretty much compulsory, so don’t fight it. If you forget to bring an outfit, there will be a fancy dress shop in Basecamp and the Red Cross Op Shop in Murdoch’s Bush Court stocked with all the goodies you’ll need. We’re also doing a parade Sunday at 5pm (location TBD) where a panel of judges will decide the best dressed. Winner earns themselves a double VIP pass to 2016′s festival!

The Loungeroom

This is will be your go to spot to take a breather from the party. The ultimate chill space will be decked out with comfy couches, cosy vibes and chill tunes.

Don’t forget to look up!

Seriously, don’t. Really really cool kites will be flying high through out the event, day and night. There may or may not also be lolly drops involved here but you didn’t hear it from us…