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Camping Changes at Southbound 2015

It’s happening. One of the biggest changes since Southbound’s conception in 2004 is finally happening!

With thanks to the lovely folk at the City of Busselton who has given us the thumbs up, you will now be able to drive your cars into the campground and set up camp right next to your vehicle like they do in other festivals all over the world!

This is going to make your camping experience even more amazing! Evidently, we’re excited. So excited we made a video to accompany this ‘announce’. Yep. So humour us and watch it. Yeah?

Here’s what this could mean for you:

  • extra security for your belongings;
  • the convenience of being able to store important items;
  • grab things you’ve left in the car;
  • ease of listening to the radio and;
  • no more dragging your belongings across the paddock! This also means more clothing options chucked in the back of your car for you ladies (and gents).

Everybody wins!

We also know we’ve been really hush hush on who’s actually playing but we promise we will be divulging the secret to you soon.

Team Sunset x