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    8 Dec 2014

    Southbound Fun Things

    Camping next to your cars isn’t the only change at Southbound 2015. We’ve got a shed-load more stuff with some newly created spaces for you to check out over the weekend in January! Here’s a list of things you should … More »

  • fly_by_night_h_0614

    11 Aug 2014

    Fremantle Artillery Drill Hall (The Fly)

    Sunset Events successful in Fremantle Artillery Drill Hall Expression of Interest Sunsets Events has been successful in its expression of interest in relation to The Artillery Drill Hall in Fremantle after recently presenting its vision for the venue to the … More »

  • Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 9.58.45 pm

    2 Jul 2014

    Camping Changes at Southbound 2015

    It’s happening. One of the biggest changes since Southbound’s conception in 2004 is finally happening! With thanks to the lovely folk at the City of Busselton who has given us the thumbs up, you will now be able to drive … More »

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